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What Products Can We Have Available for Your Montana Flagstone Needs

Montana Brown Flagstone QSQ Flagstone is a very versatile product and because it is naturally mined, there are always going to be variations that are seen in the colors, sizes and other aspects of the stone. It is used in both indoor and outdoor applications and is frequently seen in patios, walkways and flooring. When you have a large project and need to make sure that it has handled professionally, QSQ can take care of it for you. We operate our Oklahoma stone quarries and can provide variations in colors that are sure to please both you and your Montana flagstone clients. These colors include brown and the popular blue Flagstone that you will find used in many areas. We are also able to provide the stone for you in any way that is necessary to take care of your project. Commonly, Flagstone is used anywhere from under one inch to over 2 1/2 inches thick and it depends upon many different factors as to which size you're going to need. Regardless of the size and color that is necessary for the job that you are doing, we can make sure that your order is ready to go and is precisely what was needed to get your job done.

Call on Our Professionals for Your Montana Flagstone Project

We don't only provide you with the stone itself; we can also assist you with project management so that the stone order is going to be taken care of properly. You can contact the professionals at QSQ to discuss your project in advance and give them any information which would help them to make sure that your stone is right for you. This would also include providing them with any deadlines that you may have. We always work within the timeframe that is supplied by our Montana flagstone customers to make sure the stone is ready to be transported to your area. We do require that you have a minimum order of one truckload but larger orders are not a problem for us to handle and get out the door to you. The price that you're going to pay for the Flagstone, however, does not include the freight and this is something that is going to be handled by you. We can make recommendations of our preferred vendors, however, if you do not have your own available.

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